Friday, March 1, 2013

The Best SEO Blogs for DIY

As a small managed service provider ourselves, we understand firsthand the lack of time and funds that most MSPs are working with when it comes to search engine optimization. Finding, hiring, and communicating with an SEO firm is no small feat or cost, which is why we have chosen the DIY approach to optimizing our website.

(See our 4 Minute Site Audit infographic to get a jumpstart on your optimizing your own site.)

A HUGE help in this endeavor has been blogs by SEO companies, websites, and people in the industry. We've compiled a Listly of our favorites that have been instrumental in our SEO education. We keep coming back to these blogs to stay current and see what else we can do to improve our site (There is always something!).

SEO Blogs
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Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe

We can't mention these blogs without mentioning the tool that helps us read, search, and organize our subscriptions - Google Reader. Subscribing through any feed reader will do, but Google Reader is definitely our preference. It's easy to search all our SEO blog subscriptions, or just one particular blog, for a specific how-to or topic you want to know more about (i.e. sitemaps). With Google Reader you can also favorite a post, easily see which blogs have been recently updated, etc.

EDIT: Google Reader will no longer be available after July 1, 2013. The best alternative is Feedly, which is offering Google Reader users a seamless transition.

Not just SEO...

You don't learn about only SEO from these blogs. We've learned about company culture, management, growth, customer service, and many other aspects of a business from these blogs. For example, all of the people on this list are entrepreneurs in their own right - some of them manage large startups (Rand, Wil), some are striking out on their own (Ross). There is much more to be gathered from our recommended reading than just a few tips on search engine optimization.

You can do it!

So roll up your sleeves - do our 4 Minute Site Audit, dive into these blogs, subscribe to your favorites - and get your site to where it deserves to be ranking in the search results.

What's your favorite SEO blog? Comment, tweet us, or add it to the Listly!

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