Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pinterest for (our) Business: Best Tech Boards for MSPs

Last month (11/14/12), the increasingly popular Pinterest launched Pinterest for Business. As the operator of our MSP's account, I was overjoyed to hear this news. There was no option to create a business account when we joined back in February and since then our Pinterest has grown to almost 20 boards with over 1,000 pins (OK, so maybe I should spend a little less time pinning...). As an MSP, you might be thinking, "What could you possibly be pinning? How do you 'pin' managed services? This isn't a cupcake business where you can post delicious pictures and throw in some cute snapshots of baby animals!"

Well at least that's the reaction I had when I was sizing up this new social platform and how best to attack it. Once I dived in I found that the more I pinned, the more I thought of new ideas for boards. Now there are many articles that give advice to "non-visual"/service businesses on how to get involved on Pinterest.

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My hope is that with the launch of Pinterest for Business, MSPs and other B2B businesses will be encouraged to get their feet wet. Visit the Pinterest for Business page: Also check out this Business 2 Community article, How to Setup Your Brand New Pinterest Business Page (by Pinterest expert Tehmina Zaman) - it explains what this change means for businesses and gives step-by-step directions on both setting up a new Pinterest account for your business or converting your already-made account from personal to business.

Best Tech Boards for MSPs to Follow

As I said, the more I pinned, the more I was inspired to increase our Pinterest presence. The easiest way to pin is to follow boards and accounts relevant to your business and then "repin" their pins to your own boards (just like sharing a post or retweeting). Following some of these 60 tech companies and techies listed below will provide any managed service provider with a great beginning for pinning.


Learning from example is an easy way to jump-start your Pinterest career, so let's begin by looking at how your fellow MSPs are using this platform. Although these are all MSPs, there isn't much overlap in board topics from company to company which I find inspiring. There are so many ways managed service providers can express themselves on Pinterest! These MSPs are pinning everything from tech news to funny pictures, from client testimonials to tech-inspired edibles.


    Other MSPs aren't the only B2Bs using Pinterest, your vendors are on here too! Vendors post new products and company news, hold contests, and give glimpses into their company cultures.


    MSP Related

    You can also follow some of your favorite MSP-related sites and bloggers. We hope to see this list grow in 2013.


    Tech News

    The tech news sites that are on Pinterest definitely post most frequently out of all the accounts in these categories. Whether you follow their boards to find articles for yourself or to repin, following at least a couple of these sources is a must.


    Tech Related

    These tech-related accounts didn't fit under any of the other categories but I didn't want to leave them out. Their boards have fun techie products and tips that will lighten up your homepage and your own boards.



    For those MSPs that are placing increasing importance on their cloud services, here are some companies that deal solely with the cloud.


      Don't forget about your clients! No matter the social media platform, you should always seek out your clients. Why?
      • Who doesn't like gaining followers? Give your clients a confidence boost!
      • This is another way you can show interest in their business - something you should always be doing.
      • It's an easy way to let them know you're there. They can follow you back for yet another way to get resources from their MSP.


        Pinterest for (our) Business

        Pinterest for Business can be Pinterest for our business. Tap into the visual side of your office, your culture, your techs, your blog, and get pinning!

        Share your comments or questions below, or tweet us. If there's a board we missed (maybe your own?) that you think should be included please let us know!