Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pinterest for (our) Business: Best Tech Boards for MSPs

Last month (11/14/12), the increasingly popular Pinterest launched Pinterest for Business. As the operator of our MSP's account, I was overjoyed to hear this news. There was no option to create a business account when we joined back in February and since then our Pinterest has grown to almost 20 boards with over 1,000 pins (OK, so maybe I should spend a little less time pinning...). As an MSP, you might be thinking, "What could you possibly be pinning? How do you 'pin' managed services? This isn't a cupcake business where you can post delicious pictures and throw in some cute snapshots of baby animals!"

Well at least that's the reaction I had when I was sizing up this new social platform and how best to attack it. Once I dived in I found that the more I pinned, the more I thought of new ideas for boards. Now there are many articles that give advice to "non-visual"/service businesses on how to get involved on Pinterest.

business cards bulletin board
photo credit: Abu via photopin cc
My hope is that with the launch of Pinterest for Business, MSPs and other B2B businesses will be encouraged to get their feet wet. Visit the Pinterest for Business page: Also check out this Business 2 Community article, How to Setup Your Brand New Pinterest Business Page (by Pinterest expert Tehmina Zaman) - it explains what this change means for businesses and gives step-by-step directions on both setting up a new Pinterest account for your business or converting your already-made account from personal to business.

Best Tech Boards for MSPs to Follow